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I began writing in the third grade, mostly poetry and songs. I enjoyed writing essays in high school and pursued writing as an English major at Northern Illinois University. After college, I began freelancing for the Daily Herald and Chicago Tribune newspapers. I also worked as Staff Writer for the American Academy of Pediatrics before becoming a mother. I’ve helped friends and family with their resumes, cover letters, press releases and more, always thrilled to assist others using the written word. Words are my world!

Over the past decade, I’ve worked as a freelance copywriter, written a screenplay with a writing partner, submitted greeting card verses to Blue Mountain Arts (no bites yet) and taught Journalism and Creative Writing classes to middle school and high school students. I have worked for a nursing magazine as a copy editor and written a children’s book.

I live in the Chicago suburbs and have educated my two daughters at home since preschool. One is an artist who graduated in 2015; the other is a pianist who has one year left of high school. Both, thankfully, love the written word.

Why Eagle Eye Writer?

While working at the American Academy of Pediatrics, I was called upon to proof final copy for the magazine even though it wasn’t part of my job. One time, I spotted a huge mistake in a headline and saved the company a lot of money in reprint costs. The associate editor then named me “Eagle Eye” for my save. It kind of stuck.

Enjoy poking around my site, and thanks for stopping by.