Girls of Greatness by Lisa Dean is a must-read for anyone with a tween or teen girl. I wish this book had been around when I was that tender young age fumbling through the awkward, transitional period between child and woman.

This book directs your path and offers suggestions for so many aspects of life. Written from a Christian perspective, this 99-page quick read published by Tate Publishing & Enterprises highlights the idea that to be a girl of greatness you have to put others first. This is so important for young girls to know in this “me first” generation. In this technological age, everyone is charged up, logged on, plugged and tuned in, yet there is such a sense of disconnection. People don’t talk face-to-face as much as they text and email, it seems. But a girl of greatness goes beyond herself, her texting and her own little world to help others. “She’s a dreamer, a thinker, a believer, a doer, and a difference maker,” (Dean, Girls of Greatness, page 15).

This book talks about dreaming big, achieving your goals through positive thinking, getting rid of negative thoughts so we can navigate our actions positively, manners, caring for your body, and making a difference in the world. Through fun quizzes, a girl can identify where she’s at with self-esteem, which ultimately affects how she’ll treat others in the world.

Lisa Dean strives to let girls know that nothing can keep them from achieving their dreams, but she stops short, giving a dose of reality. One example she gives is that if you want to be a great singer but you can’t carry a tune, it’s probably not a realistic goal.

I also was quite thankful for the food pyramid chart she used to illustrate the chapter called One Life, One Body. With the increasing and ever astounding statistics on childhood obesity, it’s a chapter very much needed, and it includes a helpful food quiz to see if we girls are making healthy choices.

I recommend Girls of Greatness for a book club, or just private reading between you and your daughter. We chose to read it for our book club and it was one of the best dicussions we’ve had yet. There were nine girls, all talking at once about their dreams and how they plan to achieve them. Because of this book, I believe there are nine girls of greatness in the making.

About the Author: Lisa Dean is a freelance journalist and motivational speaker who lives in South Barrington, IL. She is a former pageant girl, having won the title of Mrs. Illinois several years ago, and she’s a big supporter of the Boys & Girls Club. She attends Willow Creek Community Church.