Lately, I’ve been cursing the fact that I possess what others have called a “sharp eye” or “eagle eye,” (which is why I call my site Eagle Eye Writer). It’s like I can spot a typo from a continent away, and it often gets in the way of having fun. Like when I go to a restaurant, I sit down and try to decide what to order, but I inevitably end up proofreading the menu. That’s right. Talk about ridiculous. I don’t mean to do this; it just happens.

I think menus in general offer the most mistakes I’ve ever seen in print. It’s as if the written word means nothing to restaurant owners. They probably only make sure that their prices are correct. So – here is my latest rant as far as menus go. It’s when there is a blatant disregard for the difference between plurals and possessives.

I was minding my own business reading the menu when it hit me like a pie in the face (although I wasn’t interested in ordering pie that night). I read the heading: “Pizza’s.” It’s hard for me to even type it wrong because I absolutely loathe it. Doesn’t anybody notice this inappropriate placement of an apostrophe? Doesn’t anybody care? Yeah, my husband would call me a Grammar Nazi or Grammar Geek because I do care. Maybe I’m the only one. But help me out here and tell me if this bothers you, too.  AH!

I guess I wouldn’t care so much if I didn’t have to see it so much. We don’t even eat out that frequently, but I swear this problem occurs with nearly every menu I read. This common mistake makes me lose my appetite!

Now, just to set the record straight: Plural = Pizzas. Ah. Correct. Possessive = Pizza’s, but the pizza does not own anything, so this form of the word does not belong on the menu. In fact, I can’t really think of a place where it should be used, unless you’re writing fiction and the main character’s name is Pizza, and you’re saying something like “Pizza’s on the phone” (as in Pizza is on the phone) – or – “It was Pizza’s turn to do the dishes.” (as in the possessive form of pizza that shows that the turn belongs to Pizza).  But I doubt anybody would be naming their character “Pizza” so you’ll probably never see a possessive form of pizza unless you frequent a lot of Chicago pizzerias and see it on the menu that way. Maybe I should just stop eating out. 🙁