Here is a poem I wrote about my daughter, Sarah who is a pianist. It’s for the Paperwings Podcast contest. You had to pick a quote and use it for inspiration in writing a poem. It wasn’t hard to choose the quote. As soon as I saw the one from Miles Davis, I knew what my subject would be.

Hope you enjoy it.

THE QUOTE: “Don’t play what’s there. Play what’s not there.” – Miles Davis




“She Plays What Isn’t There”

speed pours from wrists

that flick and flutter like

hungry puppies voraciously lapping

black & ivory keys

it’s a spirited movement

all her own

not measured by measures

impossible to identify or quantify

save that it will mesmerize

her every listener, every time

she nurtures the notes in one moment

whips them into captivity the next

the score screams, infused with her spirit

it’s a fragrance of fortes

a vapor, an essence,

a love relationship between

fingers and keys,

brilliant, beautiful, surprising,

no notes on music sheets, but written on her heart

she will keep it all safely hidden there and

release it when it’s time to perk ears

and cause birds themselves – masters of the song –

to twist their musical necks in curiosity

all because she can play what isn’t there