This poem was written for a poetry contest (which I won, although there were only 20 or so entries) to promote a rare disease called CMT. It portrays the life of Elliot, a charming young Boy Scout who bravely endures CMT-associated pain on a daily basis. He likes Star Wars, ancient Egypt, Legos, playing the trumpet and eating cake. Sometimes he says “sweet” to describe something great. I tried to incorporate what I learned of him from his personal website.


Unwrap Me
by Stefanie Dell’Aringa

Scout’s honor, this is my life:
I feel like an Egyptian mummy
being wrapped in slow motion from the feet up
My insides are like pottery breaking
As the python cloth squeezes
Unwrap me, please, and let me be a boy again
Because my ankles are tired
And I don’t like the word “prosthetic”
If Star Wars was real, I’d light saber myself
Out of this mess
Hurry, and find me a cure
Until then, I’ll go outside
I’ll blow hot, angry air into my trumpet
I’ll eat cake. Sweet!
I’ll decide I can wait
And then I’ll go to bed and dream
Of a ladder made of Legos
That reaches straight to heaven
and it doesn’t hurt to climb it